Thursday, August 07, 2008

Notes from Calgary

There are several great things I could mention about the prairie metropolis known as Calgary. Of course, these 'great things' are gnostic in nature, and to reveal them would mean breaking an oath to a super-secret mystical cult I've sworn allegiance to. Like some supernatural religious artifact, Calgary must be protected at all costs.

I will say, however, that Calgary is one beautiful place in the summertime. Even the names are magical, and vaguely suggestive: Shaganappi, Kananaskis( oh yes he can)..It's the type of city where people can afford to be nice to visitors. Calgarians know that you won't outstay your welcome if you don't deserve to live there. Like my hometown, Minneapolis, the prevailing mentality in Calgary is that -30 keeps out the riff-raff.


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