Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Oldest Barbarian scores!

After ten gruelling games, perhaps the oldest rookie in the history of Canadian rugby scored a try (And was selected "Man of the Match")! Bruce County Barbarians captain Steve Bell pounded through at about the 20 yard line, turned his back to the defense, and held out the ball. I ripped it from his massive arms, crashed through a few players, and slammed down the ball on the try line.

Final Score: Kincardine 12, Kitchener, 10.

Without a doubt, this was the finest moment of my athletic life.

I played American-style football for three years, and before every game, I'd pray that someone would fumble so that I could pick up the ball and run with it. I never got my chance. 18 years later, my dream came true. I'm very, very proud to have been a member of the 2008 Bruce County Barbarians and can't wait until next year...Go Barbs!
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